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To ensure that all of our products are fresh we only use the finest ingredients to bring you unsurpassed quality and all of our goods are baked from scratch and to order.  We offer a wide selection of flavors ranging from the traditional to the more extravagant, either way we are sure you will find a favorite! 


For all cupcake orders please allow a minimum of a 2 week notice for orders. For our schedule if filling up quickly

*simple,  fresh & delicious
Classic Flavors
$33 / Dozen
May Choose up-to 2 Flavors


.: Vanilla Base :.

- White

- Vanilla Bean

- Coconut

- Vanilla Almond

.: Chocolate Base :.

- Chocolate Mint

- White Chocolate 

- Marble 

- Chocolate Almond

- Red Velvet



Specialty Flavors
$36 / Dozen
May Choose up-to 2 Flavors


- Reese's

- Truly Lemon

- Orange Dream 

- Tres Leché

- Redble (Red Velvet & Vanilla Marble)

- Carrot (Contains: Pineapple, Coconut,    & Walnuts)

- Peanut Butter

- Berry Pistachio

- Strawberry



Drunk'n Cupcake
(Contains Top Shelf Alcohol)
$48/ Dozen
May Choose up-to 2 Flavors


Chocolate Bourbon

Strawberry Champagne   

Lemon Drop

Margarita (Orange or Strawberry Base)              

Hennessy & Coke                        

Blueberry Stoli

* Create Your Own *

- Choose your favorite Alcohol

- Choose your Base Flavor

  - Vanilla

  - Chocolate 

  - Red Velvet


** Pricing TBD upon Order **




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